What are some common reasons that partners may be resistant to attending couples counseling, and how can you address their concerns?

How can you effectively communicate with your partner about the importance of attending couples counseling, even if they are initially resistant?

How can setting boundaries and being patient with the counseling process help to overcome resistance, and improve the overall health of your relationship?

We understand that couples counseling can be an uncomfortable and challenging experience, but it’s often a necessary step toward improving a relationship. In this episode, we explore why some partners may be resistant to attending counseling, the potential reasons for their hesitation, and how to navigate this sensitive issue.

Tarah and EJ bring their expertise to the conversation, sharing their insights and practical tips on how to approach this difficult situation. We delve into how to communicate with your partner effectively, understand their perspective and concerns, and address any misconceptions or fears they may have about counseling. We also discuss the importance of setting boundaries, and how to find the right therapist who can help both partners feel comfortable and supported throughout the counseling process. Whether you’re struggling to convince your partner to attend couples counseling, or you’re the one feeling resistant, this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to improve their relationship and overcome resistance to therapy.


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