Many couples can lose sight that they are in each other’s care. What exactly does this mean? It means if one partner is struggling, the other is there for comfort and embrace, no matter what. If your partner is depressed, the partnership is depressed; if your partner is anxious, the partnership is anxious; if your partner is mistrustful, the partnership is mistrustful. Both partners are accountable for caring for each other and supporting the individual needs that make up the partnership. You are in this relationship TOGETHER. Why do couples lose sight of this as a relationship progresses? Because when our partner is the one that begins to trigger us and do something that annoys us, we lose compassion and trust that we are in each other’s care. If you feel the concept is challenging to navigate, try out a couples therapist, they are there to help facilitate your partners being on the same page, TOGETHER, always!

Life throws us curve balls, and when two of us are dodging them simultaneously, it feels like we are conquering those curve balls together on the same team; what a feeling, a curve ball partner for LIFE.