How does shame impact intimate relationships, and what are the signs to look out for?

What are some common triggers of shame in intimate relationships, and how can they be managed?

How can individuals overcome the grip of shame and cultivate healthy communication in their intimate relationships?

Are there specific strategies or techniques couples can use to overcome shame and strengthen their bond?


In this episode, we delve into the power of shame in intimate relationships, exploring its profound impact and providing practical tips for overcoming its grip. We discuss common triggers of shame in relationships and how they can manifest, as well as the detrimental effects shame can have on communication and trust. Through insightful interviews and expert analysis, we explore effective strategies for overcoming shame, cultivating healthy communication, and strengthening intimate relationships. Whether you’re struggling with shame in your own relationship or seeking to understand better how it affects those around you, this episode provides invaluable insights and actionable advice for moving forward.

About Kelby Jones MS/LAC – After realizing that his dreams of working in Film and Television production were not aligned with his personal goals and needs, Kelby began a 4-year journey of finding himself and his purpose. Through his healing journey, Kelby realized his passion for therapy and guiding others along their path. Kelby’s experience in his education and career has cultivated an approach that utilizes elements of CBT, DBT, mindfulness, psychosomatic and affective neuroscience to help individuals understand how and why past trauma interferes with or inhibits our interpersonal connections and the way we live, work, and love. Kelby specializes in LGBTQIA+ experiences, religious trauma, disordered attachment, anxiety, depression, and relationship dynamics through this approach. Kelby’s goal is to provide the space and structure for individuals and couples to examine their experiences and process them through various modalities and interventions that seek to soothe the nervous system allowing us to show up for ourselves and our loved ones without fear, shame, or blame.

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