How can military spouses cope with feelings of loneliness and isolation during their partner’s deployment?

What are some common challenges faced by military couples during and after deployments, and how can they navigate them effectively?

Why is it important for military families to seek therapy and support, and what resources are available?

In this thought-provoking episode of “Relationship Renovation,” hosts EJ and Tarah delve into the challenges faced by military spouses with the help of guest Elaine Maher, a licensed clinical social worker and former army civilian. From the loneliness and isolation experienced during deployment to the difficulties of reintegrating post-deployment, Elaine sheds light on the silent battles endured by military spouses. The conversation explores the impact of multiple deployments, inadequate clinician preparation, and the importance of seeking therapy and support. Tune in as they unmask the unspoken struggles faced by military couples and provide valuable insights on navigating relationships in this unique context.

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