Trauma profoundly impacts an individual’s daily life and causes significant dysregulation in their nervous system, especially in times of distress. 70% of adults in the United States have experienced some form of trauma, which amounts to over 220 million individuals suffering from the effects of a traumatic event. With such a substantial amount of people having suffered from a traumatic event in their life, trauma and its’ effects have a profound impact on couples and families. Because of the complexity of trauma and the multitude of ways it impacts individuals, it often goes untreated, leading to significant disruptions in the lives of the suffering individual and their relationship.

In this episode, Tarah and EJ interview Shara Turner LPC, MSC, NCC, EAGALA, Clinical Director of Sabino Recovery. Sabino Recovery is a trauma-focused residential treatment center in Tucson, AZ. The three take a broad look at trauma, how it presents in life, and various treatments. They explore a wide range of treatment modalities that have proven to be effective in treating trauma-related disorders. They also discuss residential treatment and how this level of care can help individuals, couples and families heal from trauma’s profound effects.

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