Relationships can be complex and often require constant work. As couples work towards a lifetime of being together, the excitement of a wedding can quickly cause tension to build. Premarital counseling offers several benefits to couples waiting to tie the knot. If you’re wondering if you and your partner should seek this type of counseling, here’s what you should keep in mind.

Lowering the Odds of Divorce

According to Verywell Health, couples who attend counseling sessions before they get married are 30% likelier to stay married instead of getting a divorce. This is because premarital sessions help prepare couples for the unique challenges of marriage. Here, couples can learn valuable skills to help them handle the ups and downs of married life.

Conflict-Resolution Skills

Couples are bound to see their fair share of disagreements when they spend years together. This is perfectly natural and comes with the territory of living with another person. However, learning how to handle those disagreements is essential to ensure a long, healthy marriage. A counselor can help couples learn the best conflict-resolution techniques.

Discussing Expectations

Most couples head into marriage with certain expectations of the other person. They may have specific roles in mind or already know how many children they want. Some couples neglect to communicate about these expectations, but this is always a priority in counseling. Discussing these matters in premarital counseling lets couples ensure they both are aligned in what they want.

Communication Skills

Effective communication is a valuable tool in a relationship. Premarital counselors will work with both partners to ensure that they can properly discuss their needs and wants with each other. They can teach couples how to use tools like “I” statements and other valuable skills.

Building Strong Foundations

Therapists work with couples to help them build the foundation for a lasting marriage. Both people will explore each other’s cultures and beliefs in counseling. They’ll learn the importance of maintaining intimacy, including emotional intimacy, and avoid leaning on each other too much and becoming codependent. These building blocks will help set the relationship up for success.

Financial Concerns

Money is a common source of stress for couples and one of the many reasons people end up divorcing. Premarital counseling sessions will address financial matters to ensure you’re both on the same page. Addressing this instantly decreases the chance of divorce.

Premarital counseling can help you determine whether you should get married and what you need to work on before saying “I do.” A counselor will help you address common conflicts that occur during marriage, ensuring you know how to deal with them when they arrive. Counseling sessions will also help prevent future misunderstandings. If you and your partner are ready to get started with counseling before you get married, contact Relationship Renovation today.