What strategies can be used to de-escalate conflict when tensions are running high, and how can we ensure that both parties feel heard and respected in the process?

How can we build trust and foster communication in relationships that have a history of conflict, and what are some effective ways to rebuild damaged relationships?

When is it appropriate to seek outside help or mediation to navigate high-conflict relationships, and what resources are available for those who may need additional support?

Join us for this interview with Karen McMahon – Relationship and Divorce coach and founder of Journey Beyond Divorce. Karen founded Journey Beyond Divorce in 2010, after discovering that the pain of dissolving her marriage had been the very stimulus for her personal transformation.

During her three-and-a-half-year tumultuous divorce, Karen’s life began to improve exponentially. With much hard work, she embraced her new life, created healthy friendships, found her true voice, and learned to set suitable boundaries and let go of what she could not control.

Learning to live a healthy enlivened life is something that we can share with our children creating thriving relationships with them while helping them grow emotionally strong and healthy.

Join us as we discuss common triggers that can lead to high conflict and learn how to recognize them early on to prevent further escalation. Whether you’re dealing with a difficult coworker, family member, or partner, our experts provide valuable insights and actionable advice to help you navigate even the most challenging relationships. Don’t miss this insightful podcast on navigating high-conflict relationships and finding common ground.

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