How can couples use the “Six Words” exercise to define the qualities they want in their relationship?

What is the significance of the “Six Words” exercise in the context of improving communication and decision-making for couples?

How does the “Six Words” exercise help to promote a positive and intentional approach to nurturing a healthy relationship?

In this episode of Relationship Renovation, EJ and Tarah Kerwin delve into the “Six Words” exercise, a powerful tool designed to help couples define and cultivate the qualities they desire in their relationship. Throughout the discussion, they walk listeners through the process of developing their own set of six words, sharing their personal experiences and insights. By exploring the importance of attentiveness, quality time, playfulness, and other key aspects, EJ and Tarah demonstrate how this exercise promotes deeper communication and understanding within a partnership.

Discover how the “Six Words” exercise can empower you and your partner to strengthen your connection, make deliberate decisions, and nurture a relationship that aligns with your shared vision and values. Join EJ and Tarah as they provide practical steps for implementing this exercise and creating a visual reminder of these words within your daily lives. Whether you’re seeking to reinvigorate your relationship or simply enhance the bond you already share, this episode offers a heartfelt and enlightening guide to building a lasting, fulfilling partnership. Tune in to gain valuable insights and make the “Six Words” exercise your own in order to foster a relationship rooted in trust, intimacy, and mutual growth.

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