woman living vulnerable life

Living that edge means pushing yourself beyond the horizons: mentally, physically, spiritually, and relationally. This means not resting on your laurels. Instead, move swiftly toward your hopes, dreams, and desires and strive to be the best version of yourself.

You may do this by pushing the limits with physical sports like extreme running or showing up in a truly vulnerable way in your relationship. Maybe you’re used to holding back your emotions and being stoic, so to be vulnerable is truly pushing your edge.

Maybe you’re used to forcing things to happen, so surrendering might be what it looks like to work your edge. To surrender can be scary. It can also be liberating and empowering. When you surrender, life has a way of showing up for you that you could have never expected.

Living that edge means living a life that feels exciting and adventurous where you are truly alive. You don’t get stuck in boring plateaus for too long; you keep growing and becoming better and stronger and more connected to yourself and the world around you.

From this place of true aliveness, you can create the relationship of a lifetime, where you are not afraid to take emotional risks. You are willing to show up warts and all to your partner, and you trust that you will still be loved. You offer the most generous assumptions to your partner, and you trust that they are doing the best they can.

Living that edge makes you the most authentic and beautiful version of yourself, and you live the most wonderful kind of life.