Research shows that you can only love others as much as you love yourself. This statement can be stressful to hear because often, it feels harder to love yourself than someone else. Love is not simply a feeling; love is a verb. You can choose to love yourself through healthy, intentional actions. 

Treating your body like a temple is one way to show yourself love. You can find ways to move your body that you love. You may love walking, hiking, yoga, dancing, or lifting weights. Find the movement that lights up your soul. You can also nourish your body through healthy foods. Maybe you try cooking a new recipe or take yourself out to try new cuisine. You can get massages or acupuncture or try out new kinds of bodywork. Take bubble baths and lavish yourself with good-smelling lotions. Adorn your body with beautiful clothing and accessories that bring you joy. Pause, breathe, and notice your body sensations. Stretch, rest, and rejuvenate. 

Another way to show yourself love is through the way you talk to yourself. Begin to catch yourself when you call yourself mean names or tell yourself you’re not enough. Remind yourself of your worthiness and that you belong. Tell yourself you’re beautiful inside and out. Celebrate your wins, luxuriating in the gratitude of how far you’ve come. 

Prioritize yourself by creating space to be alone with yourself. To ponder, contemplate, meditate, to dream. To journal, to dance, to read, to envision. To make art. To pray. To play. 

How can you expect a partner to love you if you can’t even love yourself? It’s time you prioritize yourself and this one beautiful life you have. What actions can you take for self-love today? Take a stand for yourself.