The beginning of a relationship is often a time of excitement and immense pleasure. You and your partner stay up late talking, kissing, and more! It’s almost like you can’t get enough of them. You can face the next day of work or school with little to no sleep and show up with the high of love exuding out of every pore on your body. This “honeymoon” period of love and attraction can last weeks, months, or even years. But when it ends, there can be a tremendous letdown, and suddenly the love of your life becomes human with all of their flaws and shortcomings. For some couples, the initial thrill of falling in love can be washed away by real-life stressors. Sometimes…It Gets Real Quick!

In this episode, Tarah and EJ discuss the impact of complexity entering a relationship early on. They explore why relationships can become complex and help couples understand that this does not always mean that their relationship is flawed. They discuss the myriad of reasons the golden period of a relationship ends and focus on how facing challenges can help couples forge a deep bond of love and appreciation. They help listeners build the insights needed to better understand themselves and each other. They share stories from their relationship and wisdom gained from their decades of counseling experience.

Learn more about all the ways Tarah and EJ support couples in having the best relationship possible!

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