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Enter your marriage learning how to
get more intimate fight less deeply connect

Create a rock solid foundation for the future of your relationship,

This course is designed for couples near Tucson, AZ. If you are not located near Tucson, we encourage you to explore our online Relationship Renovation course.

Start Your Marriage Off Right.

Are you and your partner considering taking the next step toward marriage? Before making the commitment, consider enlisting in premarital counseling. Many couples have the misconception that counseling is only for struggling couples. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Premarital counseling allows couples in all stages of their relationship to strengthen and further their bond and love for each other. When you and your partner understand and care for each other on a deeper level, you’ll be able to move through life as a unified team.

Couples begin their relationship with the healthy optimism that they will overcome every obstacle they face because of the loving bond they have found together. A long-term relationship is complicated, and like any journey you embark upon, being prepared is a crucial factor leading to a successful outcome.

Couples counseling early on in a relationship strengthens a couple’s love and deepens their understanding of one another. By understanding one another better, learning healthy relationship habits, and developing strong conflict-resolution skills, couples begin their relationship with the tools needed to stay connected through the highs and lows of life. Schedule a consultation with a premarital counselor in Tucson today when you call our reliable and compassionate team of licensed therapists.


of couples who decided against premarital counseling ended up having less successful marriages than those who did.

Premarital counseling leads to stronger marriages.

Lessons You Will Learn...

Build the right tools for a successful marriage. You will gain knowledge on:

  • Healthy communication habits
  • How childhood attachments affect adult relationships
  • Healthy Intimacy (Physical and Emotional)
  • Managing finances
  • Blending families
  • Family planning
  • Clarification of personal and relationship values
  • Creating systems to navigate life changes
  • Understanding your commitment to each other
  • And more!

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lay the groundwork for a healthy relationship today.

The Premarital Program is guided by a dedicated therapist in our Tucson office.

Each week you’ll meet for one 60-minute couples session with a licensed counselor. In addition to your couples sessions, this program includes one-on-one time for each individual to build healthy practices and gain a strong sense of self.

Each Premarital session is $150.

Join Hundreds of Couples Who Have Revitalized Their Relationships

“Relationship Renovation got us through.
We were worried if our relationship would make it through the tough times. I am so thankful for this program. What we got out of it is priceless.”
- PT
“We really reconnected in the best way.
Our relationship was a source of major stress, but now we are stronger than ever. It feels amazing to be able to turn towards each other again.”
- BY
“Tarah and EJ are amazing at what they do.
They really took the time to understand me and my husband, and our relationship has become much less stressful since working with them.”
- KN
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