Couples who have completed our programs benefit from monthly check-ins. It helps them maintain the deep and satisfying connection they built and address any new challenges they face.
Keep the flame ignited.

This course is designed for couples near Tucson, AZ. If you are not located near Tucson, we encourage you to explore our online Relationship Renovation At-Home course.

Prioritize Your Partner.
Grow Deeper in Love.

After completion of our programs, couples have made significant positive changes within their relationship. Many couples find it useful to schedule ongoing appointments focused on maintaining these shifts and continuing to grow in their relationship.

Couples focus on deepening their understanding of each other and receive support in navigating the external factors that may be causing individual or relational stress. These regular check-ins offer a pre-established safe space to continue the work it takes to have a healthy and happy relationship.


of couples report success with marriage counseling according to American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

Give your relationship the attention it deserves.

What you will gain

Advance your understanding of your partner and relationship skills by learning about:

  • Addressing the re-emergence of old habits and patterns
  • Shifts in patterns of intimacy
  • Family crisis
  • Parenting issues
  • Boundaries with extended family
  • Supporting partners struggles
  • Support during times of stressful transitions
  • And more!

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Each month you’ll meet for one 60-minute therapy session ($150.00).

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Join Hundreds of Couples Who Have Revitalized Their Relationships

“Relationship Renovation got us through.
We were worried if our relationship would make it through the tough times. I am so thankful for this program. What we got out of it is priceless.”
- PT
“We really reconnected in the best way.
Our relationship was a source of major stress, but now we are stronger than ever. It feels amazing to be able to turn towards each other again.”
- BY
“Tarah and EJ are amazing at what they do.
They really took the time to understand me and my husband, and our relationship has become much less stressful since working with them.”
- KN
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