Throughout an individual’s life, they have experiences that shape how they see and interact with the world. Our prior experiences create the way we respond consciously and unconsciously in our relationships. When couples come together, they have entirely different ways to adapt to their environment. When you enter into an intimate relationship, you respond to life simultaneously. Unfortunately, you and your partner will inevitably respond in asymmetrical ways that lead to conflict. By understanding each other’s past and becoming more mindful of your responses, you can begin to create new systems that allow you to solve problems and express affection in a mutually satisfying way. 

In this episode Tarah and EJ interview Gabe Lobato Masters Level Counseling Intern, business owner, husband, and father. The three discuss how couples often face struggles in their relationship due to their early life experiences. They discuss the insights needed for individuals, families, and couples to understand their struggles and create a pathway to love, connection, and healthy communication. 

Relationship Renovation at Home

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