Preparing to get married should go beyond the wedding. Couples can easily jump into their nuptials thinking that they know each other better than they do. When people think of counseling, sometimes they think it’s something to do when their marriage is on the rocks. On the contrary, premarital counseling helps couples before they walk down the aisle. Here are a few reasons you and your future spouse should attend this type of counseling.

1. Views on Infidelity

Unfortunately, you and your spouse may have a different idea of what it means to stay faithful to each other. One spouse can be completely devoted to their partner and won’t even feel comfortable looking at a different person. On the other hand, the other spouse may have different views. Plus, there is also the case of what’s dubbed emotional cheating. That happens when a spouse becomes too emotionally connected to someone outside their marriage.

2. Children

Whether or not to have children can impact a marriage. Some couples may go through with the marriage, even though they know the other spouse doesn’t want children. They may think getting married will change the other person’s mind, and that doesn’t always happen. Even if both partners are looking forward to becoming parents, there may be an unspoken expectation that one parent will do more of the childrearing.

3. Past Domestic Violence or Abuse

One or both spouses may be impacted by past domestic abuse. Such abuse could have happened in their childhood home, a previous relationship, or marriage. There may still be unresolved trauma from that time that they may bring into a new marriage. This counseling can help to resolve these issues.

4. Cultural Difference

Are you and your spouse from different cultures or countries? While you two may be head over heels for each other, blending cultures or religions may not always be easy once in a marriage. Premarital counseling can help resolve any potential conflicts and ensure you both have an honest discussion about what those potential differences are.

Attending premarital counseling isn’t an admission that something is wrong in your potential union. If anything, it can help avoid lingering problems once married. According to Zippa, there are over 120,431 marriage and family therapists currently employed in the United States. This means you have a lot of options to choose from. Contact Relationship Renovation today to learn more.