Are you tired of constantly facing conflict in your relationships?

Do you struggle to communicate your needs without resorting to criticism or complaints?

In this empowering episode, our dynamic hosts EJ and Tarah, alongside the incredible Dr. Jessica Higgins, embark on a transformative journey through the labyrinth of criticism in relationships. Get ready to unlock the secrets to fostering deep understanding, forging unbreakable connections, and nurturing unwavering support!

Discover the WHY behind the often pesky presence of criticism in your most cherished relationships. Explore how criticism can sometimes become a stubborn roadblock on the path to secure, loving connections with your partner. Dr. Jessica Higgins, a true luminary in psychology, will draw you into her own personal odyssey, sharing her profound experiences of conquering criticism and wielding it as a mighty tool for effective communication.

Through riveting stories and heartfelt anecdotes, she’ll guide you through the powerful process of self-inquiry and self-reflection. You’ll uncover the hidden emotions lurking beneath the surface, steering criticism’s course. And what’s more? Dr. Jessica will empower you with the wisdom to provide feedback that nourishes growth and enhances understanding.

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