Are you finding it hard to deal with repetitive conflicts in your relationship, no matter how much you try to improve?

Do you struggle with intense arguments that last longer than they should, overshadowing the progress you’ve made?

Are you seeking ways to navigate blended family dynamics and set effective boundaries, especially around contentious issues like screen time?

In Episode 155, join EJ and Tarah as they delve deep into their own personal challenges and share an intimate look at an intense conflict that arose during a family outing. With raw honesty, they unpack the underlying emotions, psychological patterns, and communication strategies that have helped them rebuild and strengthen their connection. Whether you’re in a blended family struggling with screen time boundaries or simply looking to enhance communication with your partner, this episode of Relationship Renovation offers invaluable insights into the non-linear journey of relationship growth and the tools that can help turn conflicts into opportunities for deeper intimacy and understanding.

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