Couples struggle with work/life balance. They often comment that their relationship doesn’t feel like a priority, pulling them apart and leaving them feeling like roommates or even co-workers. They manage their lives day-to-day and forget how important it is to cultivate a loving and tender connection. When this happens, intimacy dwindles, and frustration rises. This, coupled with poor communication, can lead couples to a crisis. Nowhere is this dynamic as prevalent as couples who work together.

In this episode, Tarah and EJ share what they learned about sustaining a healthy relationship while running a business together. They discuss the importance of healthy time boundaries and how this creates space for couples to be loving partners. They also explore how individuals’ roles within the workplace may start problems for them when they use the same persona in their relationship. This is a must-listen-to episode for any couple who recognizes that one or both partners’ professional life is creating problems in their relationship.

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