In this enlightening episode of “Relationship Renovation,” join hosts Tarah and E.J. Kerwin as they explore the profound impact of time and intentionality on relationships. From navigating expectations to healing after infidelity, the hosts provide thought-provoking answers to four crucial relationship questions:

Can time truly heal all relationship wounds, even in cases of infidelity?

Is it possible to solve all problems with the right amount of time and intentionality?

Should we expect our partners to instinctively know our needs without communicating them?

How does attachment theory influence our relationship expectations?

The hosts stress the significance of active communication, seeking help during difficult times, and harnessing the power of time and intention to address both big challenges and minor issues. Don’t miss their introduction of the “Relationship Renovation at Home” course, designed to foster meaningful conversations and enhance relationships.

Gain valuable insights into fostering healthier connections, discussing crucial topics, and finding resolutions. Uncover the impact of unmet childhood needs and learn effective ways to express your needs clearly. This engaging and informative episode promises to deepen your understanding of communication’s potency and the significance of investing in your relationships. Tune in now!

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