Breaking Down Expectations: Avoiding Resentment and Anger in Relationships

In this enlightening episode of “Relationship Renovation,” join hosts Tarah and E.J. Kerwin as they explore the profound impact of time and intentionality on relationships. From navigating expectations to healing after infidelity, the hosts provide thought-provoking answers to four crucial relationship questions: Can time truly heal all relationship wounds, even in cases of infidelity? Is […]

The Struggle to Find Joy: Supporting a Depressed Partner

How can I effectively support my partner who is experiencing depression during life transitions? What are some practical strategies for offering language and check-ins to provide support? How can I differentiate between my partner and their depression, and why is this important? Join hosts EJ and Tarah on an insightful episode of Relationship Renovation as […]

Vulnerable Strength: Erin and Michael’s Journey Through Illness and Emotional Resilience

Relationship Renovation Podcast

How can recognizing dysfunctional patterns in a relationship lead to positive change? What are some common communication barriers that hinder open and productive conversations between partners? How can experiencing serious health issues impact a relationship and the way couples support each other? What strategies can couples employ to navigate challenging circumstances and come out stronger […]

From Fairness to Love: How Keeping Score Harms Your Relationship – Nate and Kaley Klemp

What is the “80/80 Framework,” and what does it focus on? How does the pursuit of fairness lead to resentment? What is radical generosity, and how can it alleviate inequalities and resentment in partnerships? On this episode of Relationship Renovation, we interview Nate and Kaley Klemp and discuss their 80/80 marriage framework. They explore the […]

Opposite Reactions: How to Deal with Differences in Your Relationship

How can we honor each other’s differences and create a plan that works for both partners in a relationship? What are some examples of daily routines that can impact relationships, and how can we find ways to compromise on them? Why is it important to communicate realistic expectations with our partners instead of expecting them […]

Understanding Triggered States: A Guide to Co-Regulating in Relationships – Interview with Lisa Marini

Relationship Renovation Podcast

On this episode of Relationship Renovation, our speaker Lisa Marini, a brain-based coach, discusses ways in which couples can navigate their triggered responses during disagreements. She emphasizes the importance of recognizing triggered states versus non-triggered states and developing effective communication and listening skills. Lisa also delves into the brain’s response to stress and provides various […]