Taking a Closer Look: Boundaries as the Foundation of a Healthy, Intimate Relationship Pt. 1

Relationship Renovation Podcast

Have you ever thought about the importance of boundaries in your relationship? How do you typically approach difficult conversations with your partner? Do you feel comfortable expressing your boundaries to your partner? On this episode of the Relationship Renovation podcast, hosts EJ and Tarah delve into the important topic of boundaries. Drawing from their Relationship […]

The Power of Patience and Trust: Strengthening Your Bond Through Hardships

Relationship Renovation Podcast

Have you ever experienced a moment of disconnection after a period of being closely connected with your partner? How did you handle it? What are some strategies for cultivating patience in difficult moments within a relationship? How can resourcing, such as visualization or other techniques, help regulate emotional reactions during challenging times? Join us as […]

Unmasking the Silent Battles: Elaine Maher Reveals the Challenges Faced by Military Spouses

Relationship Renovation Podcast

How can military spouses cope with feelings of loneliness and isolation during their partner’s deployment? What are some common challenges faced by military couples during and after deployments, and how can they navigate them effectively? Why is it important for military families to seek therapy and support, and what resources are available? In this thought-provoking […]

Navigating Ambivalence: Exploring the Uncertain Path of Relationships with Teresa Jansen

Relationship Renovation Podcast

Have you ever been in a relationship where you felt ambivalent about staying in it? How did you navigate those feelings? How do you think attachment styles and personal history influence our relationships and decision-making processes? In this thought-provoking episode, Tarah and EJ are joined by special guest Teresa Jansen LAC, as they delve into […]

The Positive Power of Investing in Each Other: Belief, Trust, and Growth in Relationships

Belief, Trust, and Growth in Relationships

Welcome to a transformative episode of “Embracing Strengths”! Join EJ and Tarah as they embark on a captivating exploration into the boundless power of narratives and their profound influence on our relationships. Uncover the illuminating insights that lie within the realm of narrative as our hosts unveil the secrets to dismantling troublesome narratives that often […]

Embracing Conflict as a Catalyst for Growth and Understanding in Relationships

Relationship Renovation Podcast

Are you tired of tip-toeing around difficult conversations with your partner? Is the fear of potential conflicts keeping you from addressing sensitive topics? Welcome to a transformative episode of Relationship Renovation, where we unlock the secrets to enhancing your bond through open communication. Join us as we embark on an eye-opening journey into the heart […]