Conflict as Opportunity by Tarah Kerwin MA/LMFT

Conflict as Opportunity Blog Post

When you navigate conflict with your lover instead of running and avoiding it, you build the confidence that, no matter what, you have each other’s back, even in the darkest moments. The more comfortable you can get with the uncomfortable moments, the closer and more deeply connected you feel with your partner. Conflict is inevitable, […]

Parenting Styles – Healthy Parenting With Your Partner

Parenting Styles Podcast

Do you and your partner struggle with parenting?

Is parenting a significant source of conflict in your relationship?

Are the differences in discipline and parenting style leading to problem behaviors in your kids?

Do you feel isolated and ineffective because of your different parenting styles?

The Lessons We Learn From Our Partner – Our Story by Tarah Kerwin MA/LMFT

Couple learning to love one another

Our center has always used the motto, “Our partner is our greatest teacher, be patient for the lessons.” When my partner is triggering me, the last thing I think of is, “Yippee, what lesson am I learning here?” What does that even MEAN? If you do not know the backbone of our story (EJ and […]

Emotional Safety – How to Build an Intimate Relationship

Relationship Renovation Podcast

Has intimacy become a struggle in your relationship? Do you feel emotionally connected to your partner? Do you feel like you can show your best and worst parts to your partner? Do you feel protected and supported in your relationship? Have you and your partner discussed emotional safety? Emotional safety is the fundamental building block […]

Understanding Codependence – Interview with Dr. Rose Bricker

Episode 84 Understanding Codependence

Codependence is a dynamic that affects a significant number of couples. It is an excessive emotional or psychological reliance on a partner and erodes the solid foundation of a relationship. Frequently a codependent person feels worthless unless needed and sacrifices their well-being for the wellness of others. Codependency is not isolated to romantic relationships. It […]

Relationship Ready – Preparing for a healthy partnership – Interview with Jessie Krall

Online Program for Singles

Individuals enter into relationships unaware of the obstacles they will face to establish a healthy, loving connection that lasts a lifetime. By exploring unconscious feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, you can create the awareness needed to communicate and express love to your partner in a way that increases the likelihood of a long-lasting marriage or coupleship. […]

Learning to Manage Stress and Anxiety as a Couple – Interview with Teresa Jansen

couple relaxing together

Our response to stress, anxiety, depression, and the myriad of challenging dynamics we face in a relationship is a physiological response. Developing the ability to respond to difficult times healthily and productively is a skill that can be learned. But unfortunately, individuals often rely on their instinctive responses in stressful times, which can lead to […]

A Life Transformed – Interview with Victoria Rios

Every moment offers the opportunity to begin a new trend in your life. But unfortunately, it is tough to break behavioral patterns because they are often rooted in unconscious negative core beliefs. In this episode, Tarah and EJ interview Victoria Rios about her inspiring emotional and physical transformation story. She shares her journey of confronting […]