Couples struggle with communication and the ability to resolve conflict. They find themselves in repetitive patterns where they lose confidence in their ability to stay connected and solve problems in challenging moments. They find themselves feeling frustrated when it comes to expressions of intimacy. When these patterns repeat, they often conclude that they are “just a bad fit.” Or that one or the other person is “unwilling to change.” They fail to realize that many of the negative dynamics are a result of their programming from their earlier years. When couples gain a deeper understanding of how their pasts affect their current relationship, they become empowered, increase empathy and become more skillful in loving one another.

In this episode Tarah and EJ interview Jessie Krall, MA/LPC. They discuss Attachment Theory and how childhood development affects the adult relationship. They delve into various attachment styles to help couples understand how to build a healthy and secure attachment. They all share their insights and offer information and practical tips to help couples “love one another better.”

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