Individuals can get so caught up in life that they take their relationships for granted. Instead of appreciating all of the ways that their partner enriches their life, they only notice moments of discomfort and disruption. If couples aren’t careful they can get stuck in patterns of frustration and annoyance that pull them apart and erode their intimate connection.

In this episode, Tarah and EJ discuss the importance of enjoying your relationship by noticing what is wonderful about your partner. They discuss common detrimental dynamics that couples fall into and strategies to see your partner in a loving and connecting way.


Together Tarah and EJ have created Relationship Renovation at Home.

This program focuses on developing a deeper understanding of yourself, your partner, and your relationship. And by doing so, you will gain confidence in the resilience of your relationship. 

Relationship Renovation at home includes:

 22 lessons structured approach to rebuilding your relationship

 Exploration of underlying dynamics and common obstacles that couples face

Sequential exercises focused on deepening emotional and intimate connections

 Access to a closed Facebook Group with 600+ couples sharing their experiences

 Get direct access to E.J. and Tara’s Relationship Expertise


Relationship Renovation at Home.

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