In this episode, Tarah and EJ discuss a healthy approach to the normal struggles that couples face in their relationship. In all relationships, there are challenging dynamics that can only be resolved through intentional effort over a longer period of time. This mindset creates an atmosphere where a couple can avoid falling into feelings of resentment and despair which can pull them apart and create new obstacles to a deep and loving connection. They share strategies that support couples in staying committed to personal and relational growth.

Tarah and EJ have are relationship experts who help couples understand the underlying individual issues that often lead to struggles within the relationship. They normalize the ups and downs of relationships and offer tools to support healthy communication and individual growth.

RAIN – A Practice of Radical Acceptance — Tara Brach

Our goal is to create a safe environment where couples explore their feelings and grow together. By establishing clear, honest, and compassionate communication, we help strengthen or rebuild the foundation of your relationship.

They have created an online program to support couples in learning and loving one another.

Relationship Renovation at home is designed for couples facing struggles in their relationship and couples who want to strengthen their relationship. Relationship Renovation at home gives couples the tools to communicate in a healthier way and strengthen their intimate connection.

This program focuses on developing a deeper understanding of yourself, your partner, and your relationship. And by doing so, you will gain confidence in the resilience of your relationship. 

Each of the 22 lessons has a video with Tarah and EJ discussing key concepts of relationship wellness that help you understand underlying dynamics and common obstacles that couples face. The videos prepare you and your partner to work through accompanying exercises that stimulate conversation where you build the trust, empathy, and understanding needed to achieve your relationship goals.

Relationship Renovation at home includes:

 22 lessons structured approach to rebuilding your relationship

 Exploration of underlying dynamics and common obstacles that couples face

Sequential exercises focused on deepening emotional and intimate connections

 Access to a closed Facebook Group with 600+ couples sharing their experiences

 Get direct access to E.J. and Tara’s Relationship Expertise

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