Regardless of how well the relationship started, people can develop problems over time, especially when they don’t talk things through. Premarital counseling is generally about 45 to 60 minutes per session, according to Verywell Health. Like many couples, you may need the help of marriage counselors after being together for a while. Here are a few signs that it may be it’s time to look into marriage counseling.

1. Poor Intimacy

Do you feel like the fire has left your marriage? Have you gone from regular intercourse to living like platonic roommates? One of the benefits of being in a couple is ongoing intimacy, whether it’s through kissing, hugging, intercourse, cuddling, and so on. If these various levels of intimacy seem to have no longer become a common occurrence between you and your spouse, that’s usually a sign that something is wrong.

2. Financial Stress

When you marry someone, your finances become bound together. Any financial issues can put an unexpected strain on a once happily married couple. Maybe the breadwinner has lost their job or rising inflation has made feeding a growing house of children harder. One spouse may be spending too much money without considering the other needs of the household. Whatever is causing your financial stress, an unbiased third party can help you discuss these issues without it dissolving into a fight.

3. Frequent Arguments

Have quiet dinners and cozy nights on the couch been replaced with frequent arguments? It’s natural for problems to arise between couples, but shouting and placing blame won’t solve that. Marriage counselors may offer a place for you to get your frustrations out and be able to hear one another.

4. Cheating

People may cheat even when they’re happy and in love with their spouse. Both emotional and physical cheating can signal that someone needs to fill a void. It’s also a sign of heavy disrespect to your spouse and the vows you took. By going to marriage counseling, you and your spouse can decide if there is hope for recovery after cheating revelations have been made, or if it’s a sign that you need to work out a separation or divorce plan.

Having problems in your marriage doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Professional marriage counselors are here to help you and your spouse work things through in an unbiased environment. For professional and compassionate help in trying to save your marriage, contact the team at Relationship Renovation today for a consultation.