Navigating the ebbs and flows of relationships can be challenging, and that’s where a family therapist comes in. You’re not alone in this journey. According to Zippia, there are over 120,000 marriage and family therapists in the United States. Take a closer look at the questions you might want to consider when interacting with a family therapist.

1. What Are Your Credentials and Experience?

One of the initial inquiries you’ll want to make revolves around the family therapist’s credentials and experience. It’s vital to feel confident that you’re entrusting your relationship to a professional with a solid foundation of knowledge. You might ask, “What are your qualifications, and how long have you been practicing family therapy?”

Further, you may want to know about their experience with situations similar to yours. For instance, if you’re a same-sex couple working through communication difficulties, it might be important to ask, “Do you have experience working with LGBTQIA+ couples facing similar challenges?”

2. What’s Your Approach?

Different family therapists have different methods, so understanding their approach is crucial. You could inquire, “What is your therapeutic approach, and how does it typically work in a situation like ours?” For example, maybe you’re dealing with trust issues after infidelity and looking to rebuild your bond after a betrayal. In this case, you might also want to ask, “How do you typically help couples rebuild trust?”

3. What Can I Expect From a Session?

Knowing what to expect from the therapy process is also crucial. Therefore, you might find it helpful to ask, “What does a typical therapy session look like?” and “How often do you recommend we attend sessions?”

4. How Can I Measure Progress?

It’s also essential to understand how the family therapist measures progress and success. You may ask, “How will we know if therapy is working?” or “What milestones should we look for?” Asking these questions gives you a clearer picture of what your journey with your family therapist might look like and helps establish open communication right from the start.


Choosing a family therapist is a significant decision. It’s about finding someone who can guide you and your partner as you navigate your way through relationship challenges, always with compassion and understanding. Remember, you’re not just choosing a professional. You’re choosing someone who will journey with you through some of the most intimate aspects of your life. So, take your time, ask your questions, and make sure you feel comfortable with your choice. For more information, contact our team at Relationship Renovation today!