Does your relationship struggle with creative ways to be intimate? Are you finding your sex life a little less than spicy and on the mild side? You’re not alone; many couples report difficulty being creative in the bedroom, especially after having kids. In addition, many individuals struggle with being adventurous in the bedroom because of beliefs about what sex should or should not be.

We support couples in trying to find new ways of being with each other sexually and exploring ways to experiment and unlock that rigid belief system so many people experience. Whether its thoughts of “there’s just not enough time, I’m exhausted by the end of the night, I’m just not in the mood” to “those days are over, I don’t feel sexy anymore, we could never have that type of sex life, our sex life is just so boring.”

We encourage you to be curious, no matter what stage of life you’re in around sexuality; what are some new ways of thinking and feeling about intimacy in the bedroom? Then have this discussion with your partner. So many couples never try new things or are not open to new things because they don’t think it’s possible to change. So, ask yourself this question: If you struggle with intimacy in your relationship, what steps have you taken to take risks to see if your sex life can improve? Be more vulnerable, ask yourself, “how much do I know about what pleases me, what turns me on, what makes me feel desirable”? Chances are that most individuals have not taken the time to explore what feels good to them, so now their partner is left just playing this guessing game on what does or doesn’t feel good, thinking that’s good enough. Most partners haven’t sensually explored each other or with themselves to know how to meet those needs in the bedroom and take it to a WOW factor. There are many ways to branch out, whether exploring Tantric sex, going into an adult toy store with each other, or taking turns with each other in sensory exploration. New experiences might give you incredible new insight into yourself and your partner’s turn-ons. So, take that first step, explore new ways of attuning to each other in the bedroom, and have a conversation with your partner. Your sexual body and your relationship deserve an explosion of sensory experiences.