Do you struggle to communicate about intimacy in your relationship? Do you find yourself alone in your
thoughts and feelings around sex? You’re not alone. The latest research shows only 9% of couples have
healthy communication in their relationship. Our center is committed to increasing that percentage by
providing free resources for couples to learn the skills needed to have effective communication
around intimacy. We offer our Relationship Renovation Podcast with several episodes on how to create
a deeply connected and satisfying intimate relationship. In addition, if you have been reading our blogs,
we have several posts that provide valuable information on relationship wellness. In our Relationship
Renovation Intimacy series, couples are encouraged to have multiple discussions together around wants
and desires for intimacy. Here are a few questions you can process with your partner this week.

1. What initially attracted you to me?
2. What sources of attraction continue in our relationship today?
3. What are the best things about me?
4. How do you feel about choosing me as your life partner?
5. Is connecting emotionally before sex important? If yes, how would we like to connect?
6. What is important to each of us after our sexual encounters (i.e., cuddling in bed, talking)?
7. Are we attuned to what types of touch and sensory experiences feel pleasurable to the other? If
not, are we willing to talk about this and guide each other to our likes and dislikes?
8. How are we different in our intimate needs?
9. What do I do during sex that you enjoy?
10. What could we do to improve our sexual intimacy?

This is just scratching the surface, but we have found that couples LOVE scratching the surface and then
going in deep to create the loving and intimate relationship they desire. WE WOULD LOVE YOUR
FEEDBACK on your process.